I’m Gui Borchert.

A published author, graphic designer, writer and director.

I’m the ECD of Squarespace LA. Before that I was at 72andSunny for eight years. And before that Fallon, Mother and R/GA.

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, grew up some more in New York City and spent a couple of years in London before making Los Angeles my home.

I’ve worked for some great brands and people throughout my career: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Google, Pinterest, Sonos  and President Barack Obama.

I recently helped bring the Olympics back to Los Angeles, turned the CBS logo into a pair of eyes for the Super Bowl, wrote and directed a pilot for the SyFy channel and I’m working on my second screenplay. 

I’ve also made shoes talk, popcorn burst out of things, phones in the shape of human heads, bubbles that make music,  car seats that feel like  thrones and entire interfaces out of plants and leaves.

I believe great work comes from an explosive combination of problem solving, trusting your guts, collective courage and crafting the hell out of things.

I was on Print Magazine’s 20 under 30,  AdAge’s 40 under 40 and I’m yet to enter any 50 under 50 competitions.

Also important: 
I voiced a crackhead in GTA IV. I once ran from LA to Vegas by foot. I don’t have any cavities. I don’t have a middle name either.

Enough about me.
Here’s some of my work.